Thursday, April 15, 2010

IUD and Me

It would seem like the blogosphere is abuzz with the topic of birth control. Over at GGC, Rebecca has talked of her Mirena maladies and it's eventual removal. A few other blogs have been questioning what they should get on and over here I'm seeking a change as well.

I got Mirena six weeks after having Jack. I was absolutely certain I wanted it after doing the research and dreaming about easy, breezy, beautiful birth control. I don't do well with the pill, or rather, I don't want to RISK not doing well with the pill. Like last time.

This my friends, is the product of not doing so well with the pill. I hate this picture, but I felt it got the point across.

I also don't do well with condoms because 1.) I'm in a long term relationship and 2.) I can tell the difference. Once you go unsacked, you can't go back. Long story short, I did my research and felt an IUD would be the ideal option until we're ready to have another baby or until one of us decides to close up the reproductive shop once and for all.

Now, I've had Mirena for a little over 2 years. Aside from the insertion (which I'd recommend getting a Percocet for, Percocet shouldn't interfere with nursing either if you are) I was back to quasi-spontaneous sex in no time. I was a little irregular (spotting and the like for more days than normal), but that pretty much leveled out after 6 or so months. My periods have been lighter and the cramps that used to bend me backwards are now non-existent. Should be great right? I should be frolicking amongst flower covered hills with golden retriever puppies right? Wrong.

I don't do well with hormones of any sort. They send me over the edge. With a lead ball attached to my ankle. I never used to get PMS in high school and for awhile thereafter, but now...Let me just say PMDD is real folks. And it affects lives. If I can trace back every spousal argument, the balls to the walls ugliest ones have been on my behalf with PMS fueling the fire. I get depressed. Not just stay in and cry, but full on "what am I doing here. I can't wait until this life is over." Yeah. Not good. I have shit I need to do, I have a son I need to care for and the mood swings that face me about two weeks out of the month aren't conducive to such things.
Along with that my sex drive has been nil. I've been breaking out all the time. But the hormones are the main motivator to nip Mirena in the bud.

I've made an appointment to get it removed May 7th and replaced with Paraguard. I'm nervous and not to excited about the whole removal/re-insertion. I've also heard that periods on Paraguard could be likened to a date with Leatherface. But I need to do something. I need to get off the hormones. I NEED my life back. And I need it sans anymore babies. So I'll try again and if that doesn't work I'll try some more. Once I find something I love, I'll post back here and we can all have punch and pie.


JLYoungsma said...

"I've also heard that periods on Paraguard could be likened to a date with Leatherface."

Best quote of the day.

Paraguard seems to me to be the best bet for myself. Cause really, I don't need to be any more of an emotional trainwreck than I already am. Thanks!

Amanda said...

Glad I could be of any help! I know the process of finding the right fit when it comes to birth control can be a pain (sometimes literally). I'm glad Rebecca blogged about it because it made me become more aware of what's going on with my IUD and that I'm not alone.

Happy birth controling!

Jessica said...

Hey I know you've already said you're not so into taking the pill but I've been on Ortho-Tri-Cyclen for about 4 years now and it's great. I get crazy mood swings too and I think the extra estrogen helps for some reason. Just my thoughts, I hope you're well and good luck!

Amanda said...

I actually took Ortho-Tri for a couple years B.C. (before child) and I didn't have any complaints. It even made my boobs a tad bigger, which was pretty cool. But I think now, I don't know if my hormones switched around as I got older or after having a baby, but any extra estrogen makes me crazy. If all else fails though, I may reconsider Ortho.

Thanks for the recommendation!