Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A few things...

Here's a few things running through my noggin that I figured I could rattle off here on this lovely Wednesday morning-

1. Jack has officially entered the "terrible two's" and is rocking or house like a hurricane. In the worst ways. Sometimes I wonder if mothers experience toddler induced post-traumatic stress disorder. It starts early in the morning and ends at bedtime once white flags have been raised and cocktails have been poured for the adults.

Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight?

They say it gets worse once they hit three. If I find this to be true I'll be changing this blog into "How Xanax Saved My Life: My Toddler Years".

2. I'm posting my One Word post later, as Jack is currently awake and thriving off all my hard earned (read: three cups of coffee) energy.

3. I'll be packing for Mexico next week but before that I'd love your input on what I should bring. I'll be posting possible outfit pics so I can have all your inputs on what I should and shouldn't ("guuuurl uhuh") bring. It'll sorta be like a mini-fashion week.

4. I have this video of a friend I've made along 4th Avenue (we get a lot of really cool street performers around there). He goes by Ukulele Catfish Kieth and he's probably one of my favorite people because he has the wonderful talent of just making you smile. I try to visit him when he performs as often as I can. He even gave me my very own kazoo. So here you go-

The mic he uses gives him this really cool vintage sound(is that a thing?) quality. I have a video of him doing "Ring Of Fire", but since Blogger takes to load, I'll save it for another day. Perhaps for a Johnny Cash related post as I spent about an hour yesterday, for whatever reason, finding cool pics of him.

For somebody who is lactose challenged I sure am cheesy.

One Word and outfits to follow.

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