Monday, April 12, 2010

Cute shit

I haven't been in a huge writing mood the last few days. This weekend was relentless with disappointments (no rest for the weary, that's for damn sure) so I've been drowning myself in trivial, cute nonsense. Internet window shopping, a copious amount of popsicles (I'm officially addicted to Dreyer's Fruit Bars), music and watching Jack dance and sing the chorus of "Sugar Town". I've had about six cups of my morning green tea/Tazo passion tea blend and I'm starting to feel slightly more bright eyed enough to work out and achieve a more lustery bushy tail. So I leave you with cute stuff that I've found on my many internet surfing adventures-

Part 1- Shoes Betch!

I want those for Mexico so bad!

Ideally, I'd have these in my closet. But at $2,100 (yep, that isn't a typo folks) I need to be...not broke.

Part 2- Clothes!

Part 3- Music Videos!

That is all.


Mrs. Beer said...

Yup, I think I just creamed my pants over those pastel striped flats. Nothing is more orgasmic as a mom than cute and comfortable. Nothing.

Amanda said...

I know! I think the flats are from Modcloth. Anything that can be used for park play/store runs AND be able to go out at night= uber awesome! Style and substance FTW!

Awesome Alicia said...

adorable. I'm loving the first dress - the white with peachiness at the bottom. perfect spring/summer dress.

Jessica said...

I love love the first pair of shoes, get them! :)

Amanda said...

I wish! I've put myself on a strict spending embargo. But oh, how I lust after these babies. Maybe. We'll see if they go on sale. The want hurts though.