Thursday, March 11, 2010

Picks Of The Day: Episode-14...ish...?

Last night Greg asked me if "we have everything ready for Ixtapa". I took this as an opportunity and ran with it like any women desperate for a new pair of shoes would.
"What do you mean by everything?"
"Well, like clothes and...."
He had caught himself in the fatal mistake. NEVER ask me if we have "proper clothes" for any event. I'm such a clothes and shoes hound that as soon as a sentence like "do we have all the clothes we need" is dropped, you'll feel as though you were teleported smack dab in the middle of Target. I work THAT fast. Well, at least I used to. I'm trying to spiff up the spending habits, which I've been very good at for awhile, but the inclination is still there. This is a hard trait to banish in one year. Nevertheless, I feel we're prepared except for my needing a bathing suit. BUT, just for funsies, if I had a never ending budget here's some things I rather fancy-

Bit of a teensy picture, but you may get the idea.

And of course some music magic-

This was probably the most optimistic album I owned my senior year.

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