Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Desperately Seeking Sheepdogs

My baby want hasn't exactly died down since writing it down last week. However, I've thought of more constructive ways to deal with it- looking at baby animals. Pets are generally easier to rear than babies (although I have had experiences contrary to that last statement) so the appeal is greater on the furrier mammal's side. Lately I've been dreaming about sheepdogs specifically. Because who the hell wouldn't want visions of this guy in their head?

Get a load of that mofo!

I've grown up with animals. Starting with hamsters and iguanas, guinea pigs, parrots, chinchillas, and eventually cats and dogs. I loved them so much my list of things I wanted to be when I grew up were as follows-
1. Veterinarian
2. Princess Jasmine
Yes, I wanted to cater to animals more than live a lavish life of princesshood and genies.

I can't recall NOT having a pet of some sort in my entire existence, so when I'm without one I feel a bit off. I must be loving a fur baby in some way or another. I've been getting little fixes here and there from my friend Colleen's broad of felines, mostly Stella because she is a feline of Amanda caliber, meaning she can roll with my cuckoo.

If you've never nuzzled the voluptuous belly of this creature you haven't seen Nirvana.
But even though Stella can satiate me at times and even though Jack has no problem keeping me busy, I feel the internal pullings of pet ownership. Right now we're leaning towards a cat in the future and eventually if house ownership is under our belts, one of these brain meltingly cute specimens-

"Come play with us. Forever...and ever...and ever..."

Oy vey...those perky little ears and wise eyes.

Also an expectable form of dog.

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