Friday, November 6, 2009

This and that

I've been all sorts of scattered lately. Things going through my mind-

*Enrolling in beauty/esthetician school soon (well, at least within the next year) and trying to figure out how I'm going to handle the crazy schedule and child care that will have to go with it.

*Trying to figure out a future burlesque routine and wanting to work on costuming.

*Wanting to "nest", for whatever reason.

*Needing a haircut...bad. I spent about twenty minutes last night picking at split ends (it is one of my bad habits, and I don't do it often) and once I finished I looked at the sink and it looked like I molted.

*Wanting to play more with fashion.

*This blog.

*Jack's vocabulary (or lack thereof).

*Family and the impending holidays.

It actually feels a little better to put it all down that way it isn't just sitting there in my cabeza bumping into neuroses and to-do lists.

So to expound on those bullets-

*Regarding this blog, I would like to do a "Fashion Friday" post on this blog just to mix it up and give me a reason to dress up or play in my closet. I may start it tonight. Anybody who wants to join in is welcome. I REALLY enjoyed playing along with the Fall Fashion posts that happened a couple weeks ago. It was really fun to look and see and comment.

*The holidays are coming up and I'm feeling as though I should take the reigns this time and make the plans. Maybe even get my ass in the kitchen (this would be a feat!). I've been checking out cabins to rent for a weekend when my family is all down here in the Ol' Pueblo (this is pretty rare) and it may give this decorating/nesting fixation a decent outlet. If I could wrangle my entire family into one cabin (we generally run around visiting people at their abodes like chickens with our heads cut off) a gold medal should be in order. Seriously, so unorganized we are.

*Regarding Jack- This kid is a boy of very few words. He knows some ("mama", "dada", "hi", "bye") but he refuses to actually use them very often. He's 20 months and by now I expected him to at least say a couple words to form baby sentences. I read to him multiple times a day, talk to him, point out things and say what they are, emphasize words when they're on Sesame Street, etc and still not much. It's kind of frustrating being in a house all day with this little human and a language barrier. I know he'll talk in his own time and I shouldn't push him but c'mon Jack! Could I interest you in buying a vowel? Otherwise, the kid is awesome. He's healthy and growing like a weed. He's generally pretty happy but experiments with "terrible two" behavior from time to time. He gets cuter as he grows which I thought was impossible, but I figure it's nature's defense mechanism. Make them cuter so parent's wont don wigs and jet to Canada once the terrible two's hit.

That's really all for now. I'll leave you with a video.


Maggie May said...

i need a haircut like gangbusters.

Amanda said...

I think it's in the water. Everybody I know is itching to change the tresses.

I LOVE your name by the way!