Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Muse of the Day

Regina Spektor

Because with her auburn hair and corral lips not to mention her whimsy and piano ballads, what's not to like? I often think if Greg and I had a daughter 29 years ago, it would be her. Greg with his classical piano training and me with a penchant for enjoying lyrics like "Mary Anne's a bitch!" sung with only the reckless abandon that one generally achieves after a good ol' swig (or 7) of whiskey, she seems like a perfect combo. She's one of the few artists we can agree on in the car and for that I love her.

It's really no wonder why we chose her for a frequenter in our wedding mix (I didn't hire a DJ so instead I painstakingly arranged music, all eight hours worth, in a very particular order- vows, dinner, mingling, dancing, drunk time). Here's my favorite off that list-

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