Friday, October 23, 2009

Day Four (kinda sorta)

Not a big fan of these pictures but I was too disenchanted to try and make more. Some days you feel "it" and some times you don't. I'm going to continue with these into the weekend. I haven't pulled out a dress once and this bothers me. There shall be a dress by Sunday, mark my words! Also, Jack has been pretty keen on bogarting recent photo sesh's. I kind of like it as it usually keeps the heat off of me- LOOK AT THE BABY! LOOK AT THE BABY!

Outfit Details-

Shirt- unlabeled, Buffalo Exchange
Tank- Hanes HIS way, but made it mine.
Shorts- Forever 21
Tights- Simply Vera by Vera Wang, Kohls (and I can't recommend these tights enough! I snatched up a few pairs when I discovered them on sale one day.)
Boots- Buffalo Exchange (as seen in previous post)

On Jack-
Henley (under shirt)- Old Navy
Batman Shirt- Target
Shorts- Target
Deer In Headlights Face- Mom

1 comment:

Emery Jo said...

great top!! it's so hard to find a proper fitting shirt that is long enough and has a scoop neck. hahah can you tell I've been on the hunt for one just like it for ages? (It has to have all those things to be perfect, you see.) I love it!