Monday, August 24, 2009

Picks of the Day- Episode 8

This song is very effective in making me wish I was in a villa in the south of France, where the only required articles of clothing are sheer white bathrobes (linen boxers for the men).

I came across some wonderful pieces of jewelry by a seller called tamar's shop on Etsy and lost myself in some of her beautiful pieces such as-

I could go on for some time. Seeing her earrings made me want to haul my ass to Claire's and re-pierce these lobes of mine. I have this little issue with my ear piercings staying open for more than a year. They just close up. I had them pierced for a good year, wore earrings consistently and then suddenly I wake up one morning, go to put in a new pair that I loved and BAM! Closed up. Quite annoying. But I'd certainly bare the pain of the gun for some of this ear candy.

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