Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things that I'm thinking, things that are sparking my attention...

Some people have inquired about the dress that I plan on wearing for my May nuptuals, so here's a pic to end the questions (hopefully)-

My mother-in-law found it and I totally love the woman X 10 for it! It fits the vibe we're going for and my requests for a boho/vintage inspired sundress. I'll most likely be pairing it with these very cute gladiator sandals I found at Urban Outfitters, although I've been contemplating chunky/strappy wedges like so-


I need to stop looking online at all this stuff or we'll be dining on Easy Mac for the rest of our lives.

-Music I've been listening to and gushing over lately-

"C Is The Heavenly Option" by Heavenly
"A New England" by Billy Bragg
"Van Helsing Boombox" by Man Man
"Ladies and Gentlemen, We're Floating Through Space"- Spiritualized
"My Way" by Sid Vicious (I LOVE this version. Most people side with Ol' Blue Eyes, but even the original guy that wrote the song, Paul Anka, allegedly enjoyed Vicious' version better. Plus Sinatra was kind of a douche. Not that Sid is any more of a prize but whatever.)

Start your downloading engines and give 'em a listen!

- We've been looking for a new place to move in around June, and it's been a pain. Or rather, the IDEA has been a pain. We've moved like 6 times in the last 2 years, and at first our nomadic lifestyle was kind of cute but the though of moving again makes me cringe. Last moving sesh was in the middle of the summer, lugging very heavy furniture down two flights of stairs from our apartment while simultaneously tending to Jack who was about 4 months old at the time. I vowed NEVER to do it again and distinctly remember telling Greg- "I'd rather take a cheese grater up the arse than do that again!" I guess I ought to start bending over, because here we are, purusing Craigslist at all hours again.

All the moving hell aside, I'd be lying if I said I didn't desperately want a place to call our own. Preferably a place with wood floors. I'm a sucker for them and hold that they make everything in the house look that much better. Plus, we plan on giving Jack a sibling...a puppy sibling.

- Looking for places doesn't go without looking at stuff to decorate said place. There is an extremely frusterated interior decorator/nester lying inside these bones, and I've been cooing over decor and housewares on Etsy all the live-long day. I should probably get back to momming and other productive things soon. But not until after I look at 350 more pages of handcrafted tea sets and wall art.

-I've been craving meat like a mofo. I'm not sure why, as I usually don't gravitate towards tastes of the flesh, but lately everytime we pass In-N-Out Burger I scream at Greg to make a pit-stop.

I then hold my fist up like I'm going to punch him, because mock spousal abuse is a fun pastime for me. But mostly it's to make a point. "Hamburger or bruised balls buddy? Choose wisely. "
I'd fear I was pregnant again, but then that IUD would make it sort of hard for baby production. I guess I just need more protein. I eat carbs like they're going out of style.

Speaking of going out of style- WTF is this shit?

I'm a fan of the boho/hippie look. I dig it. But this trend is rigodamndiculous. I see it ALL the time around the University area. Chicks rocking these atrocities while simultaneously carrying $900 bags and shorts OB-GYN's would be embarassed by. Oh, and let's not forget to top it all off with some Uggs! A part of me wants to snap it against their forehead and yell "NO!" But usually I say nothing and go home and write about it in my blog. I'm an American, damnit!....

Sorry for being such a cynic.

- I've been meaning to post pics of Jacks birthday, but I'm also a procrastinator. Soon, I swear.

Headband-thingy free since 1988,


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