Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A MEME and a HEHE...

Because I can't resist inane lists or info about someone! Here's 25 random tidbits on me and Jack.


1. I cry. A LOT. Whether I'm extremely happy, moved, upset, anxiety ridden, over-caffienated, inspired, adrenalined out, anything- it shows through my tear ducts. It's embarassing and borderline problematic. It's also one of the reasons I took up writing. Writing it out is the ONLY way I can get what I need to say across while saving the tears and consiquently my make-up.

2. I HATE the term "booty". I hate it, hate it, hate it.

3. I have an insane soft spot for animals, and a majority of the time prefer them to people. When I was a kid I used to open the car door while still in motion and scream at my mom to pull over if I saw a stray dog, cat, turtle. I still do on occasion.

4. I also have an insane soft spot for David Bowie. Most people actually know this about me. Since I was a child from watching the Labyrinth until the tape wore out, literally, to now. He's somehow popped up at every phase in my life. I feel he represents change, re-invention, longevity, and for me a sort of comforting nostalgia.

5. I adore T.S. Eliot and reading his works puts me in a peacful zen mood. His words are my lullabies.

6. I HATE chicken. When I was a kid and my parents made it for dinner, it was known as "Peanut Butter & Jelly Night" for me. The only chicken that I've ever ate without sheer protest is Greg's mothers' recipe. I don't know how she does it, but its the only time I don't gag it down.

7. I have an insane memory (usually), and can re-call lines from movies I've seen once years ago. I think its from being in Drama for two years and being forced to memorize and recite (without help) pages of monologues and plays.

8. I wanted to be a comedian on Saturday Night Live when I was a pre-teen. I even wrote a letter to Lorne Michaels informing him of my hopes for one day being in his 'outstanding cast of characters'. This was in middle school.

9. I absolutely LOVE the elderly. I want to sit down with every old person I can and hear their story over glasses of Arnold Palmer's. I cherish my visits with my grandparents.

10. I've never bought myself jewelry (not any valuable stuff anyway, just random stuff from Target..on sale of course), yet there are a few pieces that I own that are some of my most beloved possesions. My ring from Greg (engraved with messages to each other), a ring my grandfather and grandmother had matching sets of (they are silver bands with engraved stars on them, my aunt sandy has the other), a locket I found at a thrift store, and two jewelry items Gregs parents got me on their travels. I wear the rings every day.

11. I can watch birthing stories, home make-overs, and stories about haunted places for HOURS on end. I also always watch 'I Love the 80's' (70's and 90's too) every time it's on, despite the fact that I've seen them all more than several times, which leads me too...

12. I have seen every episode of 'Scrubs' at least 5 times and will watch them all again when they're on. It's so bad that I actually have dreams about the characters and a story in which I am entwined (usually a love affair with Dr. Cox OR that I'm J.D.'s baby's momma) at least once a week. I wish I was joking.

13. I believe the best look for a man is that of a dapper englishmen. The guys from Interpol have it down pat and I swoon over them for it. Ohhhh vessssssts...gahgahgah!

14. 95% of my wardrobe comes exclusively from Buffalo Exchange, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

15. I make mix c.d.'s for those near and dear to my heart.

16. I want to learn how to use a sewing machine. I feel it could open tons of doors for me if I mastered it.

17. I think rocking chairs are creepy. Everybody told me to get one though when Jack was born as it would sooth him. We did. It's now on our front porch, since I won't have it in our house.

18. Pet Sematary is the ONLY horror movie that has succesfully chilled my core, even though it's totally cheesy. I recently read the book and afterwards went through a brief bought of depression and paranoia from it. I saw a cat the other day that looked EXACTLY like the one from the movie and I crossed the street, it freaks me out that much.

19. I love the sound Jacks diaper makes when he crawls around. It makes me laugh and fills me with warmth all the time. I think that one sound ranks very highly on my PRO'S list for being a parent.

20. I get a visceral reaction to hearing stupid comments and immediatly have to leave the scene if one is made. This is ONE of the reasons I can't stand many sorority girls.

21. That being said, I think intelligence is VERY sexy. If you know your music too...whew!

22. I can't stand the idea of being a 50's-esque housewife, yet I could watch every episode of Mad Men and be enthralled with Betty Draper.

23. I could eat any form of pasta for dinner every night of the year and be happy. I love it THAT much.

24. I believe that I have inherited the genes from my latin side that make me prone to fits of rage, jealousy and flamenco guitar.

25. I became good friends with my ex-boyfriends ex-girlfriend. We originally wanted to kill each other over him, and now we have dinners together. People find this weird and hilarious.

-------------------------------And a HEHE-----------------------------------------------------1. He dances to the intro to 'Superbad' like clockwork whenever we put it on, and loves disco music (wonder who he got THAT from).

. His middle name was almost 'Eliot' after the writer. Instead we chose 'Lee' for Greg's side of the family and his late uncle. It is very fitting for him now.

3. He shares the same name as the character Dr. Cox's son on Scrubs. This was NOT intentional. We discovered this one night while watching it when I was 9 months pregnant. It's a funny coincidence, I think.

4. He will eat ANYTHING you hand him. It causes a lot of anxiety on my part.

5. His hair is of a very weird pattern. He's got Gregs hair to a tee on the top (they even have the same cowlicks), and he has my hair (curly and unruly like when I was a kid) at the bottom. There is a circular swirl in the center.

6. He LOVES the guitar and frequently tries to play it. I think its from watching Greg do it. It's also a very effective way to stop a tantrum.

7. He is obsessed with remote controls.

8. I played classical music for him through headphones stuck to my belly when he was in utero. He ended up liking rock and roll a hell of a lot more. He IS his mothers son.

9. He sucks his thumb so much he is developing a callous. I did the same as a baby/kid.

10. He talks to his Curious George stuffed animal a lot.

And thats all folks!

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Tyler said...

ha! i'm totally responsible for the scrubs dreams, that is amazing! today has been strange...i went to sleep at 5pm and then i woke up at 3am. i've never been so confused of what's going on and what i should do. let's all hang out this weekend, i'll give you a call. laters! oh, i ran into your roomie at congress by the way.